I absolutely love the speed and accessibility of smartphones. I think the technology that has grown just around a small rectangle of metal, glass, and wires over the past decade is remarkable and has allowed for people to try on hats they normally wouldn’t try on. I myself have taken the time to indulge in photography, a newer skill for me, as the application is easy to use and yields in high quality results consistently. If you haven’t checked out the photo collection on my blog yet, I encourage you to see what I’ve been able to accomplish with my smartphone!  

However, a smartphone camera doesn’t always suffice for amateurs photographers looking to expand their skills. While my smartphone has been able to provide me with all the services I’m looking for, there is certainly a big difference between using a DSLR and using your phone. For those looking to expand their careers as photographers, I’ve collected a list of some quality DSLR cameras for beginning photographers and what each one uniquely provides.  

Nikon D3300
This camera is surely a keeper. The Nikon D3300 is a great place for amateur photographers to start and even for some to end. This camera is incredibly compact but provides you with speedy image processing and a crystal clear image. In addition, this camera is relatively affordable, prices beginning in the $300-$400 range.  

Canon EOS Rebel T6i
Just like Nikon, Canon has its reputation as a dependable camera in the photography and film world. Some people even refuse to use anything but Canon! However, its reputation is very well deserved. The Canon T6i has been referred to as the best Rebel yet by some users! This camera also has some nifty features, such as Wi-Fi when NFC is active. This mid range camera is a great option for those looking to get a little extra with their camera but really only needs basic skills for a stellar image.

Fujifilm X-T100
The Fujifilm X-T100 camera offers photographers something a little more high-end than your average Nikon or Canon DSLR. With a more vintage look than other modern cameras, this device gives you old-fashioned flare with modernly clear images. This camera is also convenient in size, making its theme lightweight luxury. The Fujifilm rings in at the upper range, starting in the $600-$700 price range, making it the most luxurious camera on this list.  

With this information, I hope you’ll find your way onto expanding your new skills. Never underestimate the power of learning a new skill, and you’ll always find yourself growing in new ways each day.