With the increased accessibility and quality of mobile cameras over the most recent years, photographers no longer require a giant DSLR camera to create beautiful images. If you find yourself captivated by the wonders of smartphone camera and are looking to increase your photo editing skills, the following are some of the apps I’ve found to be most successful with creating an excellent image.


AutoDesk Pixlr

This app might not have all the bells and whistles, but the proof is in the pudding. Plus, this app is free! AutoDesk Pixlr allows you to autocorrect your images, add stickers, apply filters, and share them on your social media profiles. This app is also known for having excellent user accessibility, which makes it easy enough for even someone who is brand new to photo editing.  



Everyone knows Instagram for its benefits as a social media platform, but did you know there’s an abundance of editing tools the app offers in addition to its feeds? Instagram’s most recent updates include even more default filters than originally included, as well as the option to now collectively filter a group of photos! Again, this is an excellent tool for your basic photo editing, but it is also free and also allows you to connect with other smartphone photographers just like you. With over 500 million users, you’re sure to find some sort of inspiration on this platform.


This app is one of my favorites! While VSCO does have some add-ons you can purchase, the app itself is free and offers a great collection of tools for photo editing. The presets are relatively subtle, prioritizing the quality of the image before any filters were added. The effect is an almost film-like look, which could appeal for those classicists who don’t have a film camera to haul around in the photography world. If you’re looking for optimized image quality with soft, authentic, added affects, this app might be for you.    


Flickr has been one of the most frequently used apps among professional photo editors and photographers since 2004. For those who are looking for an abundance of tools and editing options, there’s a paid version of Flickr called Flickr Pro with more tools than you could wrap your mind around as well as access to other subscriptions such as Adobe Photoshop. For those looking to make a career of the images they capture, Flickr may have more to offer than your traditional photo editing app.


A distant relative of Instagram, Litely was created by Cole Rise, who you might know for developing Instagram filters like Amaro, Hudson, and Valencia, just to name a few! There are over 60 different presets the app offers, and seeing as it is a newer app to the scene, you can surely expect new updates in the near future.  


With all this new information, we hope you’ll be able to find an editing app that best suits you! We’d also love to hear some of your opinions on the best mobile photo editing apps, so make sure to comment below.