A large portion of the world’s population has the opportunity to be an amateur photographer, and they don’t even know it. Many believe that to take great photos, one must spend thousands of dollars on a nifty piece of equipment. That may be true for those seeking a career in photography, but if you’re looking for high-quality images, the answer is already in the palm of your hand. Many smartphones, particularly the most recent editions of iPhones, have made it easier than ever to take pristine photos. Here are some ways to utilize your iPhone’s camera to the fullest!

iOS 11 Features
With the release of Apple’s software update in the fall of 2017, users are learning more and more about the extensive features it offers.

Live Photos
One of the most unique aspects that Apple products provide when it comes to images is the use of Live Photos. This feature captures a second or two of footage before and after the actual image is grabbed. Now, iPhone users are able to edit their live photos, and choose which still image from the clip is most useful. Parents and pet owners will love this feature, as we all know how unpredictable the movement our kids or pets become, when trying to take a photo

Portrait Mode
If you’re looking to capture the beauty of your photo’s subject, you’ll likely want to consider upgrading to a newer version of the iPhone. Included in the software for the iPhone 7 plus, 8 plus, and the X is the portrait mode feature. This component is a dream come true for photographers in the making. Portrait mode enhances the subject of the photo, while blurring the backgrounds and any non-central aspects of the picture. Many of the images that portrait mode produce, look as though they were taken professionally. Besides standard portrait mode, studio and stage lighting features, allow photographers to explore more dramatic settings for their images.

Focus Locking
One feature of the iPhone cameras that many are unaware of is the ability to lock the focus. Have you ever been up close to a subject and tapped your screen to focus without success? You are not alone! By pressing your finger down on the screen, on the subject of desired focus, will lock in the focus. This will allow you to move freely without worrying about the loss of clarity. To be sure it was successful, you will notice a yellow symbol on the screen displaying “AE/AF LOCK”. Another intriguing feature of locking the focus is the ability to use the blurred light effect. To get the Bokeh effect, focus on an object in front of lighting scenery. Then, remove the object (person, hand, etc.) and, voila!, you have a blurred lights photo (see attached image for reference).