The holidays can be a crazy time, but when you’re surrounded by the people you love, they can also be some of the best family moments of the year. Because they are so memorable, we often want to document these occasions so we can revisit and reflect on them later on in life. Here are some easy and effective ways to improve your holiday photos.

Beware of Flash

The flash feature can be great! But also, it can cause washed-out images surrounding my unnatural shadows. In order to find that happy medium, it’s important to learn about using the camera flash properly when it’s necessary. If you’re taking indoor pictures in a well-lit room, you likely don’t need to be using your camera flash.

On the contrary, if you’re taking outdoor images or holiday portraits, using the flash can help improve your photos immensely. Usually, people disable their flash when they go outdoors because they find it unnecessary. However, when you take photos outside your camera usually adapts to the bright light surrounding your subjects. By using your camera flash, you can effectively brighten the main focus of your images without losing your background light.

Consider Angles

If you’re planning on taking photos of your children or child, a great idea is to get eye level with them instead of taking photos from your own height. Usually, these pictures can seem cold or distant and offer unflattering angels. Allowing yourself to take photos at their eye level offer a glimpse into their world.

Making Memories

The most important thing you can do when taking photos this holiday season is to remember that the images you’re capturing are images that will shape your memories for years to come. It’s not as important to take perfect photographs but to try to capture how you and your family feel in the moment. Candid photos are an excellent way to do this! Also, remember to take as many photos as you can. It’s better to take too many photos and delete some than to not take enough and wish you had more.

If you follow these tips, you’re sure to shoot holiday photos that you will be looking back on and admiring for years.